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Surgical Gastroenterology

Surgical Gastroenterology

Digestive disorders are amongst the common medical conditions seen in India during the past two decades with potential impact on well-being and quality of life. There is a need for endoscopic and minimally invasive procedures in addition to surgical expertise for treating simple to complex Gastrointestinal (GI) surgeries.

BIG’s team of Surgical Gastroenterologists provides comprehensive surgical treatments with compassionate care and personal touch.

BIG has created a wonderful balance between sophisticated technology and GI specialists to provide cutting edge surgical treatments and well-coordinated care for patients.

The team of specialised GI surgeons with more than a decade of valuable experience, diagnose, take a broader understanding of the symptoms and provide the best in class surgical treatments. The core multidisciplinary team rely on clinical judgment put by the team to make a collective decision by applying their knowledge, experience, and skills.

Due to their strong academic background, the team of BIG GI specialists is experienced in dealing with a much larger spectrum of GI diseases and treating the high-risk and challenging patients successfully.

Our Areas of Clinical Expertise Include :

Oesophagus :

  •   Heller’s Myotomy for Achalasia/treatment for other motility disorder
  •   Anti-reflux surgery like lap fundoplication for GERD
  •   Laparoscopic / Thoracoscopic oesophagectomy
  •   Laparoscopic Resection for oesophageal diverticula
  •   Laproscopic surgery for Hiatus Hernia
  •   Management of corrosive injuries of oesophagus
  •  Oesophageal cancer

Stomach :

  •   Ulcers/GIST/NET
  •   Surgery for Cancer of stomach
  •   Corrosive injuries of stomach
  •   Gastrectomy (Laparoscopic/open) – distal/total/radical
  •   Truncal/ Selective/ Highly Selective Vagotomy for peptic (duodenal and gastric) ulcer disease
  •   Laparoscopic surgery for Gastric Malignancies (including Radical resections)
  •   Laparoscopic surgery for Perforated Duodenal ulcer

Small Bowel :

  •   Polyps/GIST
  •   Open or Laparoscopic Small Bowel Resection and Anastomosis
  •   Open or Laparoscopic surgery for Full Thickness Small Bowel Biopsy
  •   Open or Laparoscopic surgery for Small Bowel Perforation Closure
  •   Open or Laparoscopic surgery for Adhesiolysis
  •   Open or Laparoscopic surgery for Feeding Jejunostomy

Colon & Rectum :

  •   Laparoscopic surgery for Appendicectomy
  •   Laparoscopic surgery for Left/Right Hemicolectomy
  •   Laparoscopic Rectopexy for prolapsed rectum
  •   Open or Laparoscopic surgery for Total Colectomy and Ileostomy
  •   Open or Laparoscopic surgery for Restorative Proctocolectomy, IPAA
  •   Colorectal cancer

Hernia :

  •   Laparoscopic surgery for Inguinal Hernia
  •   Laparoscopic surgery for Incisional Hernia


  •   Liver Resections for benign and malignant diseases
  •   Simple to Complex Biliary Procedures
  •   Pancreatic Resections ( Whipple’s panceratico-duodenectomy, Head resections, Tail resections, Enucleation. etc.)
  •   Shunt surgeries for Portal Hypertension

Anorectal :

  •   Malignancies
  •   Hemorrhioides/piles
  •   Fissures and Fistulae

Others :

  •   VVF & UVF repair